Renewable energy


Combining the immersion heater with thermal solar energy generates an additional energy source which is free.

  • It covers 20% to 60% of the energy needs of the process or the process cleaning unit
  • Direct input of energy into process vessels. The secondary network runs through the bath to be heated up. This eliminates headlosses and allows for higher temperatures
  • Use at temperatures of between 95 and 98°C while maintaining good efficiency rates
  • Suited to unused roof surfaces with no need for structural alterations (to be confirmed based on the type of roof and the technical characteristics).


  • Suited to a wide range of powers
  • The design is carried out based on the geographical location and within the allocated budget


  • Plant using three washing lances
    300 m2 of panels cover 30 % of the energy needs (at 55°C)

Vegetable blancher
2 panels cover 25 % of the energy needs at 98°C