Energy efficiency

The gas-fired immersion heater by Thermigas is made to bring energy at the heart of your equipments and to generate production cost savings at every step of your process.

The gas-fired immersion heater helps transport energy to the various areas of consumption using the energy itself and not a heat transfer fluid.


This thermal approach can be applied to nearly all industrial activities, and particularly where hot water (or superheated water or steam) must be used, where there is no need for temperatures in excess of 300°C, where drying using hot air is required and where an economical / zoned heating system is used. Various equipment associated with the gas-fired immersion heater even allow the production of steam in a closed circuit.


Direct heating of the bath via an immersion heater


The advantages of the gas-fired immersion heater are numerous :

  • Low operating costs
  • High efficiency of all installed equipment
  • Elimination of transmission losses
  • Permanant adaptation of the energy production to the actual industrial activity
  • Increased availability of the production lines in the event of an equipment failure as there is no need to stop operating the whole of the plant
  • Simplification of the security procedures


Energy savings

All the above advantages lead to significant financial savings often above 30%. A source of profit and competitiveness.