Thermigas is now a major player when it comes to heating equipment for industrial fluids. Its flagship product is the high efficiency industrial gas-fired immersion heater. We offer a wide range of  immersion heaters to suit a wide variety of applications and as a result, we have a solution to all industrial needs when it comes to hot water. With another product, the hot air burner, Thermigas also offers clean air heating.

The Breton SME is settled on 2 production sites including an automated production unit and a sizeable engineering consultancy.

Our expertise is built on 30 years of experience in a wide range of industrial activities. It allows us to provide a high quality service to our clients and to bring the most challenging projects to satisfactory completion.

Thermigas, as a leader of high energy efficiency solutions, owns patents which were developped with OSEO organisation.

Our aim to ensure energy efficiency is made stronger by our will to provide environmentally friendly solutions. As a result, Thermigas developped processes involving biogas.

The benefits of Thermigas smart energy solutions have the trust of foreign companies : they are increasingly using our technology as it suits their industrial processes. Exports therefore represent a significant proportion of Thermigas activity : we carry out projects all over Europe, in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, China and several African countries.