Thermigas is now a major player when it comes to heating equipment for industrial fluids. Its flagship product is the high efficiency industrial gas-fired immersion heater. We offer a wide range of  immersion heaters to suit a wide variety of applications and as a result, we have a solution to all industrial needs when it comes to hot water. With another product, the hot air burner, Thermigas also offers clean air heating. The Breton SME is settled on 2 production sites including an automated...

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WE RENT:  - gas hot water generators to generate for example hot water for your process requirements, for your washers... - gas steam generators are made of stainless steel and are outside the Directive PED.  The steam produced is of high quality, particularly suitable for direct injection to heat the washers, for thawing, for cooking... -  hot water tank 70 ° C max, 6 bar pressure, to directly generate hot water for your process requirements, for your washers... Photos


Thermigas operates in many industrial sectors: Mainly, food and beverage industries : slaughterhouses, breweries, cider houses, dairies and cheese dairies, vegetables, catering, soft drinks (juice, soda...), seafood, creperie, chocolate and candy factories... etc. Also, in surface treatment, livestoke, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles and plastics industries. Our ability to propose tailor-made solutions, according to application needs, allows us to be present and partner both of micr...