About us

Thermigas Chauffage Industriel S.A.S. was founded in 1989 by Mr. Le Cann and, since 2005, has been taken over and managed by Mr. Le Du. The company started with the manufacture of radiant tube heaters specially designed for space heating of medium and large industrial buildings.

Gradually, the activity of heating liquids in industrial processes, which was new and even experimental at the time, took on momentum and made it possible to decline a wide variety of applications for the industrial gas-fired immersion heater manufactured by Thermigas: the compact immersion tube burner.

Thermigas counts 30 employees to date.

Innovating to help you save energy

Thermigas is today the unchallenged French leader of decentralised liquid-heating applications in industrial processes.

It owes its success to its reliability as well as to its capacity of innovation which has enabled them to develop new applications and/or new products such as process air-heating burners to dry up parts and air-cook foodstuffs in industrial processes as well as steam generators wherever this energy source is required.
Thermigas has also developed, in partnership with OSEO and ADEME, the first ever installation in France of a combined immersion tube heater/solar water heating in the food industry.
Thermigas is rated as an innovative company by Oséo.

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Carrying out feasability studies

Thermigas is able to study the technical feasibility of a decentralised heating project (for brand-new projects or retrofit installations) from its inception (definition and design of equipment implemented) through to its fulfilment. Thermigas collaborates with industrial partners and can also directly supervise and control complex projects.


Our efficient boilerwork workshop enables us to effectively manufacture specific heat exchangers as well as hot water generator tanks. Complex applications such as double-jacket heat exchangers are carried out there.

Our electrical workshop manufactures control panels from the most common to the more complex ones. We also adapt to your specific requirements i.e. your standard brands and models.

Monitoring your energy consumption

Thermigas, beyond equipment, sells its customers a service: a better control of their energy consumption thanks to a rationalisation of its use leading to energy savings of up to 50% of your gas invoice.

Concretely it is a question of studying bath-heating or process-drying installations which operate according to a centralised mode in which a boiler located in a boiler room produces steam or hot water which is then distributed to all parts of the factory, where applications require to heat up tanks or drying ovens.

Experience shows that when an industrialist decides to choose to decentralise their heating process, this brings minimum energy savings of about 30% if the installation is efficient and well maintained, much more if it is not the case.

Industries served:

  • Surface treatment
  • Food and beverages
  • Livestock
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Plastics and composites